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Home Insurance Claims in Airdrie

Welcome to Second Generation Exteriors! I’m Brad, and we’re a family-based home exteriors company in Airdrie offering consulting and claim resolution services for homeowners who have experienced roof, siding, or eavestrough damage.

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Our team of home-building professionals will take the time to ask you the right questions to make sure that we are recommending the best option for your home claims adjustment. As members in good standing with the Alberta Allied Roofing Association (AARA) and the Siding Contractors Association of Alberta (SCAA), we uphold the industry standards and professionalism homeowners expect.

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Roof Insurance Claims in Airdrie

Being a seasoned home insurance claims contractor in Airdrie, we know there are a number of crucial components to inspect.

House Hail Damage | Airdrie

Many clients experience a disconnect between what insurance companies will pay for roof repair and what contractors are quoting to have repaired. At Second Generation Exteriors, we aim to bridge that gap by being involved right at the beginning and ensuring that roof insurance claims are accurately covering the scope of work.

Roof Replacement | Airdrie

Roof damage happens; typically from hail impact damaging roofs, high winds ripping shingles off, or flying or falling debris compromising the water barrier or structural integrity of the roof. We can offer fast service and peace of mind by providing the right replacement solution for your roof.

Flat Roof Replacement | Airdrie

Flat roof replacement can be a difficult task. It often involves tracing water leaks, investigating roofing details, and performing removal of multiple layers of the roofing system. We have options to fix modified bitumen, TPO, EPDM, and PVC roofs.

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The Roof Insurance Claim Process

We take notes on anything that your insurance company may have missed
We take extensive pictures
We order any required reports that may be needed to provide to your insurance company
Sign a contingency agreement
We generate a quote and the associated documentation
We work with your adjuster for you to have the full scope of work covered by your insurance provider
Receive approval from your insurance company
Complete the repairs to your home

Roof Assessment and Quote

If you need help with your roof insurance claim, we will come to your house and assess your property with your insurance roof repair estimate in hand.

If you are seeking a private quote we would come to your house and speak to you about the work you want to be completed.

We take pictures of your property at the time
We order any necessary reports and provide you with a quote in a timely manner
Talk with an adjustments expert
Call our home claim adjustment experts to get the home repairs you deserve.

Roof Selections and Signing The Contract

If you wish to move forward with the quote, we finalize the scope of work, provide options for select products, colours, and upgrades, note these choices, and prepare a roofing contract accordingly.

Once you have signed the contract agreement you can expect to receive a welcome e-mail from our roofing team with next steps included.

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Insurance Claim Roof Work

Before we arrive at your location, we will reach out with material delivery and roof installation start dates. Our construction manager and office staff are here to answer any questions you may have along the way. Safety is our priority, so be aware that you will need to adhere to the safety precautions we establish - your building or home roof installation is an active construction site.

After all work has been completed:

  • A final inspection will be completed, with pictures and a report
  • You can request an in-person walkthrough of the final project
  • With your invoice, you will receive the final inspection report along with any warranty information. 

Every project is different.

Call us — we can walk you through the entire process!
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Siding Insurance Claim Airdrie

As we live in a hail belt, it is important to offer different types of siding to our customers to meet their needs. If you are replacing your siding due to hail damage we can help you with your insurance claim.

It is important to know what product is on your home as many siding products become discontinued and the price of the product can vary greatly based on the thickness and colour of the vinyl. This match can be done on-site and if necessary be sent out to a third party for verification to give to your insurance provider. This service can potentially take your insurance provider's scope of work from one elevation to a full wrap and is therefore a great value for our customers.

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House Hail Damage Claim Airdie

Siding Assessment

When we help customers with their insurance claim one of the common things we have to go back to insurance for is the proper grade of siding. The thickness of your siding will change the cost of the siding, and so will the colour. Your insurance provider must cover the cost for the same grade product or greater.

Depending on your policy, you may also qualify for a full siding replacement on your house if the siding product is discontinued. In this case, we would reach out for a third-party report to verify the product on your house is discontinued. Without an expert advising that your siding is discontinued, many customers would not know that the product used for their partial siding replacement may be a different product than the rest of the house.

Siding Selection

The siding we recommend to our clients to protect their house from further hail damage is based on more than just budget. We like to ask our clients about their future plans for the house. Some siding products focus on protecting your home from hail and fire, but the value they add may not be worth it if you plan on selling your home.

Most houses in Alberta have vinyl siding, and this is an economical choice. Vinyl siding is conducive to the large temperature swings in Alberta as it is able to expand and contract with sudden temperature changes.

Fiber cement siding is meant to last many years longer than vinyl siding. Hardie board siding has greater protection against hail and fire damage and can lower your insurance premiums. These features can be a selling point for your house.

No matter your decision, our siding team is well-versed in the various siding products and exterior solutions - and can help you complete your home siding project.

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Hail Insurance Claim Adjustment Reviews in Airdrie

Brad and his team helped us address attic venting concerns brought up by inspection, before the sale of our home. The services needed were explained in detail and the work was completed promptly. The team is incredibly professional and friendly, thanks everyone!
Katie Lambert
Katie Lambert
Very responsive, great communication and honest.
Cassondra Godkin
Cassondra Godkin
I had a partial siding installed Guys did a good job
Brian Pederson
Brian Pederson
When no company would return my calls or emails, Brad was to the rescue!!!! He helped navigate the insurance claim process with patience and understanding. The installation guys were professional and polite. Communication between myself and Brad or Lyla was on time and consistent as updates came through. I recommend 2nd Generation Exteriors over and over again!!
Heather Hribar
Heather Hribar
Was referred by a friend this company/team/contractor’s we’re all amazing. We got a new roof, a full wrap, window’s and all the Soffit done. They were all fast, efficient no complaints at all. When sending emails Lyla would get right back to you and the same with Brad. Would highly recommend Second generation!!!
Amber Fesser
Amber Fesser
Lyla is amazing Brad is meh. Thanks for always being great sponsors for the AD tourney
Steve Grueber
Steve Grueber
My house sustained hail damage and Second Gen did full siding, roofing and eaves trough replacement. Their work is of excellent quality, each of the trades who worked on the house were professional and efficient. Brad, the owner, was very knowledgeable about both the best products to use for my house, as well as the insurance aspect of the repairs. Lyla, in the office, was very helpful with questions and concerns I had. Second Generation was recommended to me and I would highly recommend them to others!
Jill F
Jill F
Brad and his team were very professional and extremely honest. They gave us a quote in a timely manner. Brad was quick to point out that he was here to do a quality job that exceeded industry standards. Second Generations repaired and replaced our roof, siding, and gutters/fascia. It looks beautiful!! We have a brand new house thanks to their team. Besides going the extra mile, Brad was quick to point us into the right direction to claim subsidies from our insurance company and the city. His office staff were there to ensure we had the right information to fill out application forms correctly. I would use Second Generations again and I won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thank you for the great service.
Paul LaClaire
Paul LaClaire
We were impressed from start to finish with Second Generation Exteriors, Brad is great, explains every detail and Lyla is amazing. The work crews were nothing but polite, clean and efficient. We called to bump up repairs as the storm made it a very long wait, now winter was upon us and we were unexpectedly selling our home, we had no idea what their response would be, they understood, assured us they would do everything in their power to get it ready prior to sell date and they did it ! We were ready to sell. We will save their number for anything we need. We would not hesitate to recommend them 100% well done and professional on all accounts. Great customer service and workmanship in a time it seems we don't always see that, Second Generations has it ! Well done, thank you.
Karen Pagenkopf
Karen Pagenkopf
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Airdrie Hail Insurance Claims FAQs

Do you have hail-proof roofing products?

Yes we have hail-proof roofing products. The one we recommend is called F-WAVE ™ REVIA ® Synthetic Roofing Shingles, it's a type of rubber roofing product that self heals after hail and debris impact. There are a number of other features that make it an attractive choice.

Do you have hail-resistant siding products?

Yes we have hail-resistant siding products. The siding we recommend is called James Hardie Board Siding, it's a type of cement siding product that provides excellent resilience from hail impact.

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Dealing with your hail insurance claim can be the most stressful part about getting your home repaired after a hailstorm. Second Generation Exteriors will help you communicate with your adjuster and provide you with all the necessary documentation and reporting to get the full scope of damages covered by your insurance provider. With your cooperation, we can make sure that you receive what you are entitled to.

The Second Generation Exteriors team will treat you like family and support you through every step of the process.

— Brad Lambert
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