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Siding in Airdrie

Welcome to Second Generation Exteriors! I’m Brad, and we’re a family-based siding company in Airdrie. As a second-generation contractor, I learned from the best - my father, who ran a successful exteriors company in Leduc for many years.

We believe your home should last for generations, that’s why our attention to quality and superior siding products is our priority. We offer the full exterior package to both residential siding and commercial cladding clients.

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Years In Business!

As members in good standing with the Alberta Allied Roofing Association (AARA) and the Siding Contractors Association of Alberta (SCAA), we uphold the industry standards and professionalism homeowners expect.

Our team of siding professionals will take the time to ask you the right questions to make sure that we are recommending the best option for your siding installation.

In the Airdrie area, we offer vinyl siding, metal siding, as well as resilient fiber cement board such as Hardie board or Hardie Plank siding. We also provide the most comprehensive insurance resolution service for siding in Airdrie, going above and beyond the average contractor by getting our clients the claim they're entitled to for their siding repair.

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Siding Companies in Airdrie

Being residential and commercial siding installers in Airdrie, we know there are a variety of systems to choose from.

Vinyl Siding | Airdrie

Royal Siding

Gentek Siding

Mitten Siding

Kaykan Siding

Choosing vinyl siding in Airdrie can be an excellent budget choice for your home. Depending on your thermal requirements, vinyl siding can come as foam-reinforced or as a thicker more durable siding. An important consideration is picking a house siding with a high UV resistance especially if you’re choosing a darker colour like red vinyl siding or charcoal vinyl siding. Warranties are available, be sure to talk with our siding specialists and we’ll help navigate your siding choices.

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Hardie Siding Airdrie

Hardie Plank Siding

Fibre Cement Siding

Cement Board Siding

Board and Batten Siding

If you’ve been in Alberta for any length of time, you’ll know hail damage can be a frustrating maintenance item on your homeowner’s or building owner’s checklist.

Cement siding is a popular selection in Airdrie, James Hardie siding being the homeowner’s and business owner's choice. Fiber cement siding can come in many different profiles such as James Hardie’s shingle shake, Hardie lap siding, and board and batten profile designs. For a more architectural design, you can even cut Hardie panels to size with reveal joints.

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Best Siding Airdrie

When choosing a siding system there are typically three levels of siding costs >>

Standard Grade

Vinyl Siding

.040in Thickness

Premium Grade

Vinyl Siding

.044in Thickness

James Hardie

Cement Lap Siding

.333in Thickness

For any of these systems, it’s important to remember that choosing the right siding installer in Airdrie can make all the difference. We make sure to follow standard practices, health and safety guidelines, and to refer to the manufacturer's siding installation guides.

Steel Siding | Airdrie

Corrugated Metal Siding

Metal siding comes in many different sizes, they can range from 16" to 36" wide and come in various lengths, colours and finishes. SMP finishes is the standard finish, PVDF and 10000 Series offer superior protection against UV and higher corrosive areas.

Longboard Siding

Longboard is an aluminum siding that offers a clean aesthetic and architectural design. They come in a range of wood tones and a strong PVDF finish to guard against the elements.

Exterior House Panels

Zinc and copper panels can make a great addition to architecturally designed homes. Their natural finish provides the ultimate resistance to weather and time.

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Best Siding in Airdrie

Did you know...
Second Generation Exteriors is the only Preferred Contractor of Royal Building Products in Southern Alberta?

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Stucco | Airdrie

Stucco can be a suitable option for a different type of home siding. Stucco siding is a cement-sand-fiber and water mixture applied over a hi-density foam board. This is a technical siding system and should be done by a professional applicator.

The finished product is a definitive Spanish feature and can give a Mediterranean look to your home.

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Siding Contractors Airdrie

+ Additional Siding Installation Services Offered

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Siding Replacement | Airdrie

As years pass, siding can age, become damaged, or outdated and will need to be replaced. We have a variety of products to choose from to fit the design of your home. Our siding installers can remove your old or damaged siding and replace with new siding that will continue to last. In this process, if your home needs better thermal performance, more or new insulation can be included.

Exterior Renovations | Airdrie

As an exterior siding contractor, one of the main services we provide is siding renovations in Airdrie. We take the time to recommend the best type of siding for each homeowner and take things into consideration beyond just the budget. If your house siding has recently been damaged or failed, we’re also able to help you with warranty claims and find the right siding replacement.

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Exterior Renovations Airdrie

We specialize in a number of exterior systems...
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Professional roofing installers
Standard to premium roof products
Diverse Roofing Knowledge
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Siding Installer

Technical siding installation
A range of competitive siding products
Extensive siding trade practices and details
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Eavestrough Installation

Commercial and residential gutter install
Gutter leaf guard and gutter replacement
Range of water management solutions

Siding Financing in Airdrie

Need new siding or siding replacement now?
Great news!

We offer financing for your planned exterior project or unexpected siding replacement. It’s simple and easy to apply, check your pre-approval for siding financing in Airdrie - provided by FinanceIt.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying...

Siding Reviews in Airdrie

Brad and his team helped us address attic venting concerns brought up by inspection, before the sale of our home. The services needed were explained in detail and the work was completed promptly. The team is incredibly professional and friendly, thanks everyone!
Katie Lambert
Katie Lambert
Very responsive, great communication and honest.
Cassondra Godkin
Cassondra Godkin
I had a partial siding installed Guys did a good job
Brian Pederson
Brian Pederson
When no company would return my calls or emails, Brad was to the rescue!!!! He helped navigate the insurance claim process with patience and understanding. The installation guys were professional and polite. Communication between myself and Brad or Lyla was on time and consistent as updates came through. I recommend 2nd Generation Exteriors over and over again!!
Heather Hribar
Heather Hribar
Was referred by a friend this company/team/contractor’s we’re all amazing. We got a new roof, a full wrap, window’s and all the Soffit done. They were all fast, efficient no complaints at all. When sending emails Lyla would get right back to you and the same with Brad. Would highly recommend Second generation!!!
Amber Fesser
Amber Fesser
Lyla is amazing Brad is meh. Thanks for always being great sponsors for the AD tourney
Steve Grueber
Steve Grueber
My house sustained hail damage and Second Gen did full siding, roofing and eaves trough replacement. Their work is of excellent quality, each of the trades who worked on the house were professional and efficient. Brad, the owner, was very knowledgeable about both the best products to use for my house, as well as the insurance aspect of the repairs. Lyla, in the office, was very helpful with questions and concerns I had. Second Generation was recommended to me and I would highly recommend them to others!
Jill F
Jill F
Brad and his team were very professional and extremely honest. They gave us a quote in a timely manner. Brad was quick to point out that he was here to do a quality job that exceeded industry standards. Second Generations repaired and replaced our roof, siding, and gutters/fascia. It looks beautiful!! We have a brand new house thanks to their team. Besides going the extra mile, Brad was quick to point us into the right direction to claim subsidies from our insurance company and the city. His office staff were there to ensure we had the right information to fill out application forms correctly. I would use Second Generations again and I won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thank you for the great service.
Paul LaClaire
Paul LaClaire
We were impressed from start to finish with Second Generation Exteriors, Brad is great, explains every detail and Lyla is amazing. The work crews were nothing but polite, clean and efficient. We called to bump up repairs as the storm made it a very long wait, now winter was upon us and we were unexpectedly selling our home, we had no idea what their response would be, they understood, assured us they would do everything in their power to get it ready prior to sell date and they did it ! We were ready to sell. We will save their number for anything we need. We would not hesitate to recommend them 100% well done and professional on all accounts. Great customer service and workmanship in a time it seems we don't always see that, Second Generations has it ! Well done, thank you.
Karen Pagenkopf
Karen Pagenkopf
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Airdrie Siding FAQs

Is it worth the cost to upgrade my siding to James Hardie fiber cement siding?

Upgrading to any fiber cement siding can be worth the money but we like to advise each individual homeowner based on their circumstance. For instance, if you plan on moving in the next five years it might not be worth the upgrade cost. If you think this is your forever home, then it is usually a good investment.

How do you ensure quality workmanship on my siding?

On top of the lifetime of experience that our team has, we are also Royal Preferred Contractor and members of the Siding Contractors Association of Alberta. This means that we must adhere to a higher standard of workmanship that is above and beyond Alberta builders’ code.

Do you have any siding colours or resources that could help me?

A great tool to use is HomePlay™ by Westlake Royal™. You can upload a photo of your house or use stock images on their website to apply different colour combinations to the roof, siding, trims and more and see what design you like.

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Airdrie Siding Installer

New siding can really change the look of your home. We like to consider all the factors that go into choosing the best siding for each homeowner. As your contractor, we can help you replace your siding with the option that makes the most sense for you, and help you with your insurance claim if you have damage to your siding.

The Second Generation Exteriors team will treat you like family and support you through every step of the process.

— Brad Lambert
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